Should My Business Have a Blog?

I hear that question from clients quite regularly – should I be blogging? What are the benefits to my business?

If you are thinking about blogging, having a blog on your website is a great way to share your knowledge with current clients as well as reach a wider audience. A well-written, informative blog post on a relevant topic builds awareness of your business and enhances your reputation as an expert. Blogs also help make your website more visible to search engines because a blog post can be found online independently of your website. A blog post that is keyword-rich and optimized for search engines can generate more online traffic to your website

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What to Blog About

How do you decide what to write about? A great way to start is by answering the questions your favorite clients ask. For example, if you are a chiropractor, you might write a blog post on, “How to lift a heavy object safely?” Or, “How can yoga help my back and posture?” Or, “How does massage benefit a chiropractic adjustment?”

If you are an interior designer, you might write about, “What’s new this season in kitchen design?” Or, “What are the best colors to use in your bedroom for a restful sleep?”
The possibilities are endless!

I recommend that my clients begin by coming up with 5 to 10 blog post topics. Then, write the first three posts. It’s much easier to write the fourth or fifth post after the first three are finished. Suddenly, you are a blogger!

Blogging is great for SEO

Your blog post can lead new clients to your website. Here’s how. I was once doing research for a client on geriatric care management, and I landed on a website in New York because a business there had written a blog post about a geriatric care topic. Or, closer to home, I’ve had inquiries about my services from business owners in Denver, Boston and as far away as Australia. All of them found my website directly or through a blog post while searching for an SEO specialist. This could happen to you too!

How long should a blog post be?

It depends. You’ll want to cover your topic with enough depth to be helpful, but not write too much so that it’s overwhelming. How long is that? A good length might be 200 to 400 words. Be sure to break up your content with subheadings so that a reader who doesn’t have a lot of time can easily find the information that is most important to them.

How often should you blog?

That also depends on your industry, how often things change, and the amount of time you have for blogging. I have clients who blog once a month, while others post weekly. I personally post once a month. Some marketers recommend blogging several times a day for companies in high change industries. It all works. The most important thing is to be consistent. If you set out to write a blog post once a week, schedule time in your calendar to do it. Or, if your goal is once a month, then do that too. Putting aside time in your calendar helps ensure you will make your blog a priority.

What if you don’t have time to blog?

If you don’t have time to write your blog yourself, you can hire a professional writer. Work with your writer to develop a list of topics and a blogging schedule, and then focus on running your business. You may also decide to hire a professional writer to edit your blog, while you dictate a rough draft. Whether you write your blog yourself or hire a writer to do it for you, the important thing is that you blog about topics that are important to your clients and customers and that you blog with consistency.

If you need help writing your blog, please shoot me an email or call.

Carolyn Kohler is an SEO writer who specializes in helping businesses get found online. Her company is Website Wordsmith, and she is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.