What Should I Blog About?

In last week’s post, Should My Business Have a Blog? I covered why it’s a good idea for many businesses to blog. My post received so much interest, I decided to write a follow up article on what to blog about.

Here are just some of the possibilities:

What your clients are asking

A great blog post can answer a question your favorite clients have asked. For example, if you are a chiropractor, you might write a blog post on, “What’s the safest way lift a heavy object?” Or, “Can yoga help my back and posture?” If you are an interior designer, you might write about, “What’s new this season in kitchen design?” Or, “What are the best colors to use in a bedroom for restful sleep?”

As an added benefit, the next time a client asks you that question, you can send them the link to your post!

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Other information your clients may need to know

Even if your clients have not yet asked a particular question, they may still need to know the answer. For example, if you are an accountant, a helpful blog post might be about, “What entertainment expenses can be legally deducted?” If you are a family law attorney, “What is the difference between Community and Separate Property in California?” Or, “Why should I opt for divorce mediation?”

Current events that may affect your clients or customers

Staying current on events or industry trends that might affect your clients or customers will help you write about them. For several years, I wrote a weekly blog for an environmental remediation company located on the East Coast. I blogged about everything from the aftermath of a particular hurricane and the best way to clean up water damage to keeping your home safe from fire during the holidays. How did I know what to write about? I read a local news website and took my lead from any major weather events. Then, I filled in other weeks with less current topics.

A client success story

A marketing professional l know often writes posts about what her clients are doing to market their businesses and the results they have achieved. You can share customer stories too, with their permission, of course!

A conversation with someone in your industry

Everyone loves an interesting, personal story. Who are the people in your industry that your clients or customers may want to know about? How did they get their start? What is their life or business philosophy? What lessons can they pass on to others? You could make the post more personal by starting with how you know the individual and what it is about them you particularly admire.

Reviews of products, tools or resources that you and your clients use
You can share your opinion about anything you’ve purchased, used or observed. You can also help others keep up-to-date on what you know about products, tools or resources that may impact them. For example, if you are a solar installation business, you might blog about the latest solar panel designs and installation methods.

How-to posts

Helpful tips, tricks, cheat sheets, and tutorials can make anyone’s day. Your readers will be grateful if you can solve a problem for them or save them time with a “how to” blog post. If you read my blog, for instance, you may know that I have written about How to Create a Google Business Page and How to Write a Great Yelp Business Page

Recap posts
Have you attended an industry conference or gone to a business meeting where you heard an interesting speaker? Or, may-be you’ve read a great book that sparked your passion and inspired you to try something new. All of these can be the start of a great blog post. You can personalize your post by adding how you are going to use the information you heard or read about in your own life or business.

Depending on your imagination and industry, the possibilities for blogging topics can be endless!

If you need help writing your blog, please shoot me an email or call me. I offer both original blog writing as well as editing.

Carolyn Kohler is an SEO writer who specializes in helping businesses get found online. Her company is Website Wordsmith, and she is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.