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How Does Google Rank Local Businesses in Search Results?

Search Engine Optimization is all about boosting how high a business appears in search results when, say, a consumer searches for a “chiropractor in San Anselmo” or “dentist in San Rafael.” If you are wondering what criteria Google uses to decide how to rank your business in search engine results and what factors you can influence, here is your answer.

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How Can I Boost My Online Presence in 2017?

Are you wondering how to boost your online presence to gain more clients in 2017? Here are my top recommendations to help you increase your business visibility.

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What Should I Blog About?

Are you wondering what you can blog about? This blog post will help you answer that question. Depending on your imagination and industry, the possibilities for blogging topics can be endless!

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Should My Business Have a Blog?

Many business owners wonder if they should have a blog. This blog post will help you answer that question. It also offers some great tips on how to be a successful blogger.

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Why Hiring a Website Designer Is a Long Term Relationship

When you hire a website designer, you are entering into a long term business relationship. Here’s what to ask your prospective partner before you do.

Create an Effective Yelp Business Page

Yelp is one of the most prominent online review platforms. Do an online search for just about any business or professional service, and you are sure to see one or more Yelp listings near the top. There’s no way around it, if you want to reach local consumers, Yelp is a powerful tool!

Here’s How to Create a Great Google My Business Page

You might not realize that Google will give you a one page business listing to help customers find you online, and it’s absolutely free! It’s called a Google My Business Page. Here’s how to create a really good one…

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Is Your Business Listed Exactly the Same Across the Internet?

A consistent business name is key for coming up in search engines whenever someone is searching for services or products that match what you offer. It’s also confusing if your business appears in multiple ways…

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What Is an SEO Writer?

All website writing is not alike. The primary objective of your website content is to present your business in such a way that it invites potential customers to contact you and buy your products or services.

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What’s Wrong with Duplicate Website Content?

If you are like many business owners, you probably don’t have a lot of time to write content for your website. You are busy serving your clients and finding new customers, so updating your website or getting your new website off the ground might be one of the last things on your list…