Blog Writing and White Papers for Computer Forensic Firm Kivu Consulting

Kivu Consulting is a licensed California private investigations firm, which combines technical and legal expertise to deliver investigative, discovery and forensic solutions worldwide.

The team at Kivu is involved in cutting edge work, from analyzing the source and extent of a computer intrusion at a major university, to determining the abilities of malware to jump across networks and reach mission-critical data.

When Kivu decided to start a blog in late 2014, they contacted me to help with editing and writing. I was happy to assist. I enjoy bringing my once-deep technical background to the forefront in working with clients.

Kivu’s white papers and blog posts cover a variety of forensics topics, including:

  • What Computer Hackers Don’t Want You to Know
  • Common Computer Security Misconfigurations
  • The Aggregation of Cyber Risk
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