Barb Sobel’s New Website Helped Get Her Nutrition Business Off to a Great Start

It’s particularly gratifying to work with a new business owner, helping them present their talents to the world. That was the case with Integrative Nutritionist, Barb Sobel.  Barb wanted a website for her new company, Barb Sobel Nutrition, that would showcase her personalized approach. As a nutritionist, nutrition consultant and educator, Barb treats the whole body as one integrative system and investigates the underlying reasons why her clients are not feeling their best. Then, she creates a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to help them achieve optimal health.

SEO and a great-looking website

This project was a collaboration with graphic designer Krisite Hansen-Kemp and website developer Abigail Gorton Web Strategies. With targeted SEO for nutritionists and a great-looking website, Barb’s business is off to a great start!

Here’s just a snippet from her website:

Everyone’s Nutrition Needs Are Different

“I help people who know they need to change their diet but aren’t sure how….My science-based training has taught me to look at my clients’ issues from a functional medicine perspective. I consider the entire body as a whole and how each part relates to the whole, rather than each organ or system on its own. I search for the root causes of imbalances and disease and then develop dietary and lifestyle recommendations that address those root causes. No two people are alike, and while many of us are diagnosed with the same diseases, the causes are not always the same. I personalize your nutrition plan to meet your specific needs.”

SEO and Content for Integrative Nutritionist Barb Sobel

“Carolyn was so helpful in creating my website’s SEO and content. She showed me what my competition was doing and helped me focus my message, incorporating important key words in a way that made sense. Her advice was both strategic and practical and, most importantly, she was a delight to work with!”