SEO for Communication Coach and Trainer, Lisa Safran, Drew New Clients!

Lisa Safran of Imrpov Consultants has many talents. She is a communication coach, trainer, consultant and team building expert. Unlike many coaches and trainers, she uses improvisation rather than a set formula. Improvisation is based on the philosophy that “it is OK to make mistakes.” It is a powerful tool that helps her clients build confidence, collaboration and creativity.

When we first started working together, Lisa’s website was virtually unnoticed by search engines. Potential clients who needed someone with her skills rarely found her online. I researched the keywords that were important to her audience, changed her website meta-tags and updated her content. The end results were phenomenal!

In just 3 months, we achieved page 1 placement in Google for 53 out of 74 keyword phrases or 72% of Lisa’s targeted keywords as a result of our SEO focus. In some instances, her website showed up multiple times on page 1.

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“I hired Carolyn Kohler about 3 months ago to help me with the content on my website. The goal was to increase the site’s presence in the world wide web. Working with Carolyn was not only a joy but our conversations really helped to clarify what I actually do. I know what I do…but communicating it to others is sometimes challenging and Carolyn nailed it. Before working with Carolyn, all my clients were referral only as  my site was virtually invisible. Now, with the  search terms that we came up with, I’ve received 3 new clients because they found me on Google. And we really just got started! I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone wanting to increase their web presence! She is terrific.”