SEO for Global Voice Acting Academy Landed Their Website Solidly on Page One

Have you ever wondered how that voice for your favorite commercial or movie trailer came to be? Global Voice Acting Academy teaches budding and experienced voice actors how to hone their voice over skills. Every member of the GVAA teaching and coaching team has between 15-40 years of voice acting experience. Instructors collaborate and share information on students’ behalf so that they can offer best practices, best solutions, and career strategies, personalized to their needs.

When founder and creative director, Cristina Milizia, contacted me, she needed more online visibility for her very large website of almost 200 pages. After updating her SEO tags and content, her website is a search engine star!

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About Cristina Milizia

Cristina Milizia has been professional voice talent for 24 years. She is a full time voice over artist and is the Owner/Founder and Creative Director of the Global Voice Acting Academy Inc. She specializes in teaching voice over for toys, gaming platforms, children’s media, animation and video games.

SEO and Content for Global Voice Acting Academy

“Carolyn is hands down the best SEO expert I have ever encountered. My website is absolutely enormous, and she handled it with ease, efficiency and a great attitude. We are already seeing results and her magic has only been in place for a few short weeks. If you need someone to create EXCEPTIONAL results, Carolyn is your lady. I am keeping her on staff now permanently for all future updates and website additions!”