SEO and Updated Website Text for Chiropractor Marilyn Britton Landed Her Website on Page One

When Marilyn Britton decided to create an updated website, she wanted help with her new content, as well as SEO. A Chiropractor for more than twenty-five years, Marilyn specializes in helping people recover from injuries and find permanent relief from chronic pain. She also works with expectant and new mothers, helping them recover from lower back pain. Marilyn uses Active Release Techniques®: (ART), an advanced form of soft tissue therapy that specifically targets the sites of injury. Unlike other forms of therapies, ART works to release tissues that are bound together (adhesions), which may cause limitations of movement or even entrap nerves.

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SEO Chiropractor Marilyn Britton

“Working with Carolyn Kohler was a pleasure on every level. She is knowledgeable and easy to work with; she educates you about the working of the search engine and why she is choosing her words the way she does; she learns about your business and asks very pointed questions so that the final product is an accurate representation of the business. Carolyn can connect you to other people who will help create the best website for you, and finally, she is on time and does what she says she will do. You can’t go wrong using her expertise to create your website.”

– Marilyn Britton