This Beautiful Website for Prana Partners Helped Launch Their Contractor Placement Service

A former client, Marsha Evans, needed a great-looking and sounding website to help launch her new business with partner, Valerie Glover-Powers. Prana Partners provides part-time or interim Financial Controllers and Bookkeepers and part-time or project-based  Executive Search Admins and Research Assistants to companies nationwide.

A collaborative model was used to create the website

Just as Prana Partners operates using a “collaborative information” model with their staff, so was a collaborative model used to create the website. Masha wrote the first draft of the text, while I operated as editor and sounding board for her ideas. Website design and development was provided by website developer, Abigail Gorton Web Strategies. To appeal to a nationwide audience, photographs on the website show beautiful scenes from around the United States.

I invite you to check out the results we achieved!

Following is an excerpt:

“We have worked to assemble a team of professionals who have optimism and empathy. We strive to leave drama out and bring in flow. We strive to bring peace to busy and stressful situations. We strive to bring solutions when a client feels stuck. We want to be a benefit and a solution to our clients.

The intent of Prana Partners, whether on the Financial Services side or the Executive Admin side, is movement, flow, and cohesive solidity. We hire for optimism and empathy, and we hope to present this to all of our clients.”

Content Contractor Placement Service

“We had a very clear vision for our website but we weren’t as clear on how be notable or even findable within the vast realm of the Internet. Carolyn helped direct content writing and showed us where our individuality and personality sat. Carolyn does a thorough intake with her clients, making sure she understand the client, their work, and what it is about their work that they are passionate about. I believe it is this personal touch that sets Carolyn apart.”