SEO for Monterey Mushrooms Provided More Online Visibility for Their Brand

Monterey Mushrooms® provides fresh, locally grown mushrooms to grocery stores and restaurants all year round, from 10 farms strategically located across North America. In 1971, Monterey Mushrooms® started as a single mushroom farm in Watsonville, Calif.  The company has since expanded to 10 locations in the United States and Mexico and offers a variety of fresh and value-added mushroom products.

Showcasing their products AND their brand

When I first met with them, the company had a beautiful, relatively new website that showcased their products but not their brand. They were about to roll out a new product, Let’s Blend™, finely diced and packaged mushrooms that have been pre-seasoned to make consumers’ cooking experience easier. Let’s Blend™ could be blended with ground beef, chicken, lamb, pork and turkey or used alone as a meat substitute in burgers, chile, meatloaf, sloppy joes, meatball, pasta sauce, tacos burritos, enchiladas, casseroles and soups. Understandably Monterey Mushrooms® wanted their new product to be a huge success.

I worked with the Monterey Mushrooms® marketing team and marketing strategist Lisa Taylor Powers of The Hive Marketing to incorporate SEO into their website, which provided more online visibility for their brand. I also consulted regarding the website’s text, particularly for the Let’s Blend™ product.


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