A New Website for Organizational Consultant, Rita Giacalone, PhD, Highlighted Her Expertise

Rita Giacalone of DewPoint Consulting is an organizational consultant and executive coach, who was previously a clinical psychologist in private practice. Rita provides on-site coaching and consulting, as well as a variety of workshops for her primarily San Francisco and Silicon Valley clients.

When it was time to update her website content and add SEO, Rita asked me to help. This was a wonderfully collaborative project, implemented by website design firm WPinOneClick. Both visually and with text, we showcased what makes Rita’s work truly unique.

Here’s how DewPoint Consulting helps its clients:

Understand Digital Transformation: Become a digital master by incorporating key success factors.

Lead Change: Get in front of change rather than manage it from behind.

Grow as a Leader: Become a leader who inspires rather than informs.

Build Team Alignment: Engage your team to build a culture of collaboration, commitment and results.

Resolve Conflict: Use healthy conflict to make better decisions, innovate faster and grow together.

SEO content organizational development consultant

I’m getting so many requests for DiSC training from the website, I’m too busy to do it.  I might need to hire someone! Way to go Carolyn 🙂

Rita Giacalone

Principal of DewPoint Consulting