Content and SEO for Voice Over Coach David Rosenthal’s New Website Showcases the Variety of His Services

David Rosenthal is a private voice over coach and voice actor with almost 30 years of experience in voice acting. He has voiced hundreds of commercials, video games and corporate narrations, but his real passion is teaching others how to channel their own creative energy in a way that’s fulfilling and leads to actual work. David has helped many people in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond get their start or further their careers in the voice over business.

A contemporary website

David needed fresh content and SEO for his new website. This project was a collaboration with website designer Victor Thomas of Thomas Digital. At the completion of the project, David had a contemporary website that showcased his voice over coaching, online classes, demo production and voice assessment services.

David’s philosophy

David’s philosophy is that learning how to be a voice over artist should be creative and fun. It should bring a smile to your face and promote a sense of discovery and innovation in your heart. Play, that unstoppable desire to experience, to create and to imagine, can be the very energy that drives your career. Play breathes life into the words you are reading. Play frees you and helps you lift the copy from the page, which convinces listeners that they are not being read to but instead, participating in something real.

SEO and Content Voice Over Coach David Rosenthal

“Carolyn’s work is stellar. It is executed with skill and a very real care for the person for whom she is creating website cogency. Her SEO is organic and holistic, and that’s saying a lot in today’s coldly efficient world of technology.”