Edwards Mediation Academy’s Online Courses Draw Students from Across the Globe

Bruce and Susan Franson Edwards co-founded Edwards Mediation Academy with the goal of raising the overall practical experience of people in the commercial mediation industry. Focused on a global audience, Edwards Mediation Academy online courses are taught by acknowledged experts in the mediation field. Bruce Edwards was an early pioneer in alternative dispute resolution and is widely considered a thought leader.

Draw professionals to their website

My goal as their content writer and SEO specialist was to draw professionals to their website, including: attorneys, judges, business leaders, nonprofit leaders and aspiring mediators, from the United States, Europe, Africa, India and Asia.

This project was a collaboration with graphic designer Krisite Hansen-Kemp and website developer Abigail Gorton Web Strategies. Our combined efforts resulted in a beautiful website that highlights their expertise as well as what makes EMA courses singularly unique.

After the website was complete, I continued working with Susan Edwards, editing blog posts for the website, as well as LinkedIn.

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