Content to Showcase General Contractor, Trush Construction’s Exceptional Work!

Trush Construction Company is a Sausalito, California-based general contractor who offers old world craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art building technology. Founder, Shahram Ghodsian, wanted a website that better showcased the firm’s exceptional work, particularly homes and underground structures that require extensive engineering expertise.

Expanded and enhanced the portfolio with stories and photographs

Working in partnership with Abigail Gorton Web Strategies, we optimized Trush Construction’s website with targeted SEO and expanded and enhanced the portfolio with stories and photographs. We included a garage built beneath a Victorian home in San Francisco, a soft story seismic upgrade in a landmark wine store in San Francisco, an inclined elevator for a Sausalito home and a renovation for an historic building.

We also added photography galleries and content to highlight Trush Construction’s beautiful new home construction, renovations and remodeling.

Following is an excerpt:

The Challenge: This three-story San Francisco building on Fillmore Street required a soft story seismic upgrade. There was a landmark wine store in the building that had to remain open throughout the project. Additionally, the only access available to the building for the construction crew and equipment was a small entry door.

Our Solution: Trush Construction designed a process by which the seismic upgrade could be done within the tight constraints of the building site. We brought in folding cranes and other special equipment that could fit through the small entry opening, and then expand as needed to complete the job. We provided a complete dust control barrier for the wine store so that no customers or merchandise would be impacted by our work.”

SEO Website Content for General Contractor

“When I wanted to create a new website, I needed a writer who could look at my projects and make them come to life with words. Carolyn asked me many questions about the types of projects I do, how I work and the results that I want to achieve for every client. She suggested that we develop case studies as part of my project portfolio to showcase some of the difficult engineering problems that my company has solved. We did, and I am very happy with the results. Now, I have asked Carolyn to help me start my blog.”