Fresh Website Content for Market Research Firm, Destination Analysts, Showcases Their Expertise

Fresh website content for travel and tourism market research specialists Destination Analysts placed new focus on their clients’ successes. Destination Analysts is a market research company that provides travel & tourism businesses with powerful information to evolve and perfect their marketing strategy.

Like many of my clients, their current website was out of date and no longer reflected their business and marketing focus.

I worked with Erin Francis-Cummings, President & CEO and David Bratton, Founder & Managing Director to develop a content strategy that showcases their services through client success stories. This project was a collaboration with graphic designer Petra Andersson Pardini  and website developer Abigail Gorton Web Strategies.

Following are some excerpts:

Visit Napa Valley

Destination Analysts developed a comprehensive visitor profile, reflective of all visitors to the Napa Valley area. Visit Napa Valley has used this research to better understand their visitors and gain strategic marketing insights. Utilizing our Destination Economic Impact Model, Visit Napa Valley has been able to estimate visitor spending and volume in detail. With these two assets, Visit Napa Valley can more effectively position itself to travelers and communicate the value of tourism to the local community.

Visit Florida

The findings from the first website usability testing provided VISIT FLORIDA and its agency with the website’s strengths and opportunities, as well as specific action items and key recommendations to be implemented for the new website’s full launch. When was live for one year after incorporating our recommended changes, Destination Analysts again conducted the second usability test, which identified other features and concepts that could be improved.

SEO content tourism firm

“Destination Analysts is a tourism research and marketing company based in San Francisco, California. We are a team of travel industry experts with extensive, hands-on experience working with some of the world’s greatest tourism brands and Destination Marketing Organizations. We are widely known for our pioneering, customized travel and tourism research that is second to none for its reliability, affordability and transparency. “