Descriptive Website Content Showcases Innerstave’s Oak Alternatives for Winemakers

When Innerstave decided to revamp their website, they wanted professionally-written content to showcase their oak flavor profiles. Since I am a bit of a wine enthusiast, I was very eager to learn how Innerstave helps winemakers create some of the most unique oak flavors available anywhere.

In 1979, Innerstave initiated a paradigm shift by bringing premium new barrel oak flavor to wine through oak alternatives. Instead of purchasing new barrels every three years to achieve the flavors they desired, winemakers could now take advantage of products from Innerstave, including: oak staves, cubes and blocks, which are inserted into older wine barrels and steel tanks.

A micro flora found nowhere else on earth

How does Innerstave achieve its unique oak flavors? It seasons its American and French oak products in a dedicated toasting and drying facility located in Sonoma’s Carneros wine region. The facility’s close proximity to San Francisco Bay’s water, wind and fog offers a micro flora found nowhere else on earth, making Innerstave’s oak flavor profiles distinctive and unique. Their oak products are seasoned for 24 to 36 months. Then, they are convection oven toasted rather than hand-fired, resulting in more consistent and uniform toasting.

This project was a collaboration with graphic design and website development team, Wavemaker Media Design.

Innerstave wine industry website content writer

“People often ask what makes the wines produced in different AVA’s uniquely different? We always say that it’s the combination of soils, geology, geography and climate coming together to create some of the world’s most distinctive wines.”