Website Content that Attracts More Clients

Your clients are searching for your expertise online, so your website content is key to your business success. Most searchers review at least three websites before deciding which business to contact. They are attracted to websites that inform them, engage them and are easy to understand. They want to skim and scan, rather wade through a lot of text. They like to quickly “get” what a business does and what makes it unique.

To keep an online searcher’s attention, your website needs to clearly explain what you do and what makes you stand out from the crowd. The right website text tells the world how extraordinary you are at what you do and why everyone should want to work with you. That’s what we help you do – make your future clients want to reach out and get in touch with you!

We Start with You

As writers, we are fascinated by your business story, whether you are a Bay Area family law attorney helping a client through a divorce, or a furniture manufacturer in Wisconsin. We  want to know how you got your start, who are your typical clients, and which direction you want to grow. We’ll  study your competition, so that we can write about what makes you truly unique. We pay attention not only to the details of your business, but also what inspires you and the way you express yourself. Our goal is that your clients feel they already know you before they make that critical phone call.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website content will not only show off your business, it will also incorporate SEO, so that Google will want to bring it up in searches. When we write your website text, it will be rich with the words your customers use. Your website will not only please your clients, it will also help them find you when they search online!

Based in Marin County, we work with clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Text us for a complimentary website consultation: (415) 250-1347.

“Carolyn helped me to create website content that really connects with my potential clients. She does a great interview, asking in-depth questions and listening closely. Her writing is simple, clean, and clear.”

“This was by far one of the best investments my company has made. Carolyn was able put our vision and passion into words. We finally have the web presence we always wanted.”

“In a very short time, I have received 3 clients as a result of her work. They found me through Google!! Before working with Carolyn, all my clients were referral only, as my site was virtually invisible.”

“We had been putting off a new website for years because we did not have the time, the expertise or the desire to write the content. When we received the first draft we were thrilled.”

“I reached out to Carolyn for SEO help, and she delivered. Within two months my business moved from the fifth page to the first page.”